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I hate blogging under pressure

Left: Rachel (my beloved Melbournian goddess without whom NONE of this could have happened) and I at her place. Rachel: I LOVE YOU.

Yikes…so here I am, my first child-free half hour in five days and the pressure’s on. Plus my net access here is below-appalling (as you’ve no doubt guessed) and so here I am, my cousin’s picking me up in 5 minutes as I’ve just spent all my time clearing out my inbox and downloading photos. AAGGGH!!!

In summary:

– thank you so much to everybody who’s been writing, posting comments and so on. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond properly yet, but as you can see I’ve got pretty good excuses!

– the Palais gig was incredibly well received, if only by a small audience. Still the acoustics in the place were amazing so it sounded like laughter from a packed house.

– I ended up without babysitting that night, so for the first time in history my kids came with me to the gig. It was a mixture of elation (Ella fell asleep en route and I set her up in a side-room with a mattress and blankies) and horror (Caleb was wired the entire time, running through the hall and calling out “Mummy! Mummy!” during my set. “Aagh!” I cried. “I’m being heckled by my son!”

– finally am spending my gig-free time in Tassie just thinking about life and choices and stuff, and writing HEAPS. It seems all the inspiration overload of the past couple of weeks is finally being given space to come out in the form of new material. Hooray!

– I found a whole pile of old books I brought down here years ago, including….. plays I’ve written and since lost and my old very personal journal!!! So very cool, I’m almost turning into fairy floss just thinking about it. Which is handy too, as I’m going to need an extra income stream when I get back, and I’ve heard fairy floss sells quite well.

– SOOO much more to tell but seriously have to run. I’ll try to post a couple of pics here too. See how onto it I am? Seriously.

Love you all and cannot wait to have un-time-ticking blogging space!

Jen. x

This is me in my current role: Mummy/Aunty Jenny with the flock of kids including 2 of my own plus 3 cousins. Needless to say I am often seen bursting into renditions of “Do Ra Mi” and ripping down curtains to sew stuff. Somebody save me!!!!

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