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Guerrilla Goodness: Takin’ It To The Sidewalks (via Kindnessgirl)

This is just fan-freaking-tastic.

Oh my, what a wonderful week this is turning out to be on the inspiration front.

Now please read along and excuse me while I go release the little Julie Andrews that’s bouncing around inside me right now. She’s making quite the mess…

So you might remember last year when we kooked up this idea with the Supersisters to team up to do some Guerrilla Goodness for the kids heading back to school? Well, this year, we have a special invitation for you?! Come with US!!! You can spread kindness wherever you are but we would would like to put out a special call to all Richmonders: We know our city is a little screwed up, well a lot,  but would you like to do something kind for the kids … Read More

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