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Free Promo Tips for Adelaide Fringe Festival!

Darling peeps,

As this week I have been madly getting together my Adelaide Fringe show deets for next year (so excited!) I remembered this document I started working on YONKS ago (as in, I started taking notes of promo things that I found were working while I was at the Adelaide Fringe this year) as I did indeed, have a rather good run. 

Soooo…in a move of stunning procrastination on next year’s Fringe deets, I decided to finally polish off my debrief from THIS year’s Fringe deets! It’s like the laziest time travel experience ever.

This is not a definitive, exhaustive list, by any means. It is rather a pretty personal debrief of all the chunks of promo I did while in Adelaide, which, while not all of them will work for everybody (as you’ll see if you do choose to check it out, a few of them were just good old-fashioned lucky!) but I think there’s plenty in there that will at least be good food for thought as you start making your plans for Fringe 2013. Personally I think it’s worth checking out even if you’re not doing the fringe but are into promoting shows full stop. But it is most certainly geared towards the Fringe in terms of offering examples of doing guest spots in other festival line-ups, etc. I hope that makes sense!

I would love to share it with those of you who are interested in this kind of stuff and have FINALLY gotten my butt into gear and worked out how to upload a free PDF! So if you’re keen, just look over to the right sidebar there and click on the image of me strutting like a ham that says “Free PDF” etc. It should be emailed directly to your inbox within 24 hours, mail chimp working as it should! 

I truly hope it’s helpful, us artists have to stick together man! (Sorry for calling you ‘man.’ It just pops out sometimes when I’m excited. Which is often.)

Better shows, better promo, better industry = better for everybody!


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