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End of Chapter One

I simply cannot BELIEVE that:

a) the Boston leg of my trip is already at an end; and b) I can’t think of a more clever way to say that.

The great side is that Daena and I have managed to achieve every goal we set for this week (and many more) including:

– fleshing out a very loose structure for my full-length show (allowing flexibility to incorporate other lightning-bolts of inspiration that may strike throughout the rest of my time here and of course, to keep developing it upon my return); – teaching me the nitty gritty of solo improv – techniques, skills and approaches – which I can then bring back with me to share with the local crew; – coaching me through some of my bad performance habits and exploiting my strengths like my own personal sweat shop workers.

After training was finally over for today, I sat Daena down and interviewed her on-camera about all of this, which will be fantastic in terms of showing it to interested improvisers and comedians when I get back. I mean, it’s one thing for me to pass on the knowledge and skills I’ve learned, but for everybody to hear this great stuff directly from Daena – wow. Please don’t thank me…after the spoiled little brat I’m becoming living la vida loca it’s the least I can do.

Okay, no. Thank me.

In other news, I have been deriving super-size servings of enjoyment from the wonder that needs no punchline: American television. So much so that I actually went to the ‘store’ yesterday to buy me some blank video tapes! From Nancy Grace (think Today Tonight run by an intense Southern woman) to Mad Money (think…ummmm…the stock market on steroids?) I’m taping as much wild and wacky stuff as I can (believe me it’s not hard to find) and am planning on getting it all transferred to DVD before I come home.

Oh, and I found the most amazing place – Tower Records – which had the most mouth-watering selection of comedy DVDs I’ve ever seen in my life. Seriously, my heart actually palpitated, so much so that I can still feel a bruise on my left valve. I bought a very restrained four (Sarah Silverman, Bill Hicks, The Best of American Improv and The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live) and then spent the rest of yesterday trying to avoid the impulse to stick a fork in a toaster as penance for being so self-indulgent.

I feel a little sad leaving Boston – the couple I’ve been staying with have been so beautifully hospitable, filling my tummy with home-made brownies and even introducing me to a rather amusing documentary Robin Williams made about dolphins – but my distress at leaving the town of life-size doll-houses is eased by the knowledge that I now have two days ahead of chilling out with family in New London. I’m thinking of this as the breath before the underwater plunge into crazy New York (where I’m checking out my very first Broadway show on Sunday afternoon – Bridge and Tunnel, a one-woman character comedy show which has been getting quite a rap over here) and then the assault on the senses and sensibilities that is Las Vegas.

Let me make the picture clearer: from Monday onwards, I will not only be hanging for two weeks in three of the most buzzing places the States has to offer, but will be training EVERY SINGLE DAY until I leave.

What can I say that can’t be said so much better in song…

She works hard for the money! So hard for her honey! She works hard for the money And I don’t know the rest of the words! Oooooooohhhhh!!!!!

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