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Dreaming Big: I Dare You

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A huge and belated thanks to everybody who opened up and shared their huge, unlimited, completely and delightfully impractical, and most importantly – BIG – dreams with me the other day!!

I’ve been really challenged this past week to let go of my preconceived notions of what is and isn’t possible, to stop talking myself out of things before they’ve even had a chance to plant roots and just keep my mind open for business!

But yeah, you guys sharing your own stuff was so very cool, thank you!

A few samples:

To own an amazing and vibrant arts space where i can create and watch others create…
…having a multi-use entertainment venue – with a small theatre, big lounge/Coconut Grove-style dancing hall, and a club type thing.
…to develop my own line of skincare or cosmetics. I can’t draw, style, I have no idea how you make make-up, or anything like that, but damn I’d love to try.
design a range of paintings based on chakra’s, colour, balance, harmony… yoga… that become a range of beautiful cards, and fine china tea cups and saucers, bags, art prints that uplift and inspire…
I want a Ford pick up truck – circa 1950′s, bulbous front end type. It will be lime green with cherry read interior. I will have my two future bassett hounds, Daisy & Duke, with me as I drive around. When people see me they will say “There goes that crazy artist woman. What does she have now?” And they will say that because in the back of my truck I will be transporting some large sculpture type work…
…being paid to travel. Writing / reviewing / working / adventuring … ooOOoh I’d love it. Just about anywhere, anytime, at the drop of a hat.
Write a book about creativity and have an amazing art exhibition where all my paintings get sold out on the night and I get to dress up like a film star…
S… tomorrow I really am actually showing my work to a small independent art gallery…as this is big dreaming space – they will love everything, give me a one woman show, someone with a bigger gallery will then give me a subsequent show, I will make enough money and gain enough gravitas to become a professional artist and leave behind the bureaucratic world of teaching.

Alrighty then, the video above is dedicated to you guys, and any other big dreamers out there!

(I especially love around the 3 minute mark.)

*Image courtesy of Justin Marty.

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