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Doing Stuff You Love Even When It Hurts

Love Hurts by TerraBlueArt

*Image courtesy of TerraBlueArt

I am in the midst of an epic transition at the moment, specifically in terms of looking after my health.

Have you ever gotten to that point where you’ve just thought: “ENOUGH?!” Well, this week, I have.

I have FINALLY pulled my finger out and gone to see a naturopath, and her advice thus far is exactly what the…well, naturopath, ordered.

It was pretty freaking amazing. When she did her iridology thang and told me she could see from my iris alone that:

– I am a perfectionist. – I beat myself up when I don’t get to where I want to be quickly enough. – I have scarring on my left lung (yes, from pneumonia on my left lung when I was 15!) – my thyroid is having issues (though I did know that already).

…and much, much more.

It was so accurate that my eyes nearly popped out of my head, but then luckily they thought better of it, given that at the time she was sticking a bright light into them.

Anyway, point is: I am impressed and willing to obey.

I am hoping this will lift me from the fogginess, the fatigue and the damn pain!

I haven’t written much on this at all here, but post car-crash, my back is just damn awful. I hate sounding like a grandparent, but there it is. While I was in Melbourne for the Fringe Fest, a journalist asked me in an interview why I keep performing when it hurts so badly. What a great question. I told her: “Because I love it. Because it’s fun. And because without it, I would be deeply, deeply depressed.”

Then I popped more Nurofen.

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