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Debrief from Brisbane Powerhouse Show

The stage is set!

Friday night’s show at Brisbane Powerhouse was an undoubted highlight of my comedic life thus far. A beautiful crowd, in fact even as I walked out onstage I was so overwhelmed by both the size and welcoming response that I somehow managed to hurl an expletive (in an otherwise mostly clean show) within the first minute.


I have decided the one issue that needs remedying is the sound. I need to be micro-maphoned!! I wanna see if I can get a Britney style one for Melbourne Fringe, as I do love the freedom of having my hands free to focus on my exemplary dance skills.

The lead up to the show itself was far from the blissful day of relaxation I had planned. No, in true “unexpected” fashion, as I was packing my costume the night before, I notice a giant tear in it.


So it was that I spent much of Friday rifling through vintage stores in Annerley and seeking feedback and fashion advice on twitter! Thanks to you guys for your help!

Change room tweeting. Ooh yeah.

Desperately running out of time, we settled on a basic little black number in the hope that I could spiff it up.

Ze winner!

Then an hour before the show I get a text from my heavily preggers sister saying that she’d come down terribly sick and couldn’t make it. Those of you who have seen the show will understand why this news gutted me, given her very personal connection to the whole thing. I totally understood of course, but was just so sad she wouldn’t be there to share it.

That and I had hair issues.

I have gotta get better at this quiff thang.

It was about then that I started to panic. My dress. I had no bling! What to bling it with!?!! Bring on the bling!!!!

Enter my friend and rockstar creator, Kath, who, with some shoulder massaging and cheering from my hubs and best friend and company, got me back to happy and excited. 10 mins before show time we did a quick rearrangement of the costume and you know what? I freaking loved it!!!

My rockstar prepper, l'extraordinaire...Kath!

Then the show. Aaaaaaggghhh. So much fun. It was filmed too. As soon as I get my computer to convert the footage into something I can actually SEE, I shall share some bits on here for shizzle! I adore performing it and cannot wait to do 2 weeks straight in Melbs! I am mildly freaking out about ticket sales though, given that nobody knows me down there. But all I can do is what I do and let the rest take care of itself. If anybody has any strokes of word-spreading genius to offer, I am all ears!

This incredible night was topped off with much lovely kiddy-wrangling (damn, I am nice to them when I am elated) and finally, my sister ‘s baby was born!

Bonnie Rose. My ovaries are pulsing.

As I held her in my arms on Monday, only hours old, I think all the emotion of performing the show (again, those of you who have seen it will know exactly what I mean) caught up on me and I fell into a bawling sopping mess.

It’s a crazy, beautiful life, innit?

The hubbster & I savouring a final cheesy moment in MAH dressing room!

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