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Christmas Cheer and Christmas Fear

The Cheer:

Last night the whole fam made the trek back to Brissie for a last-minute Christmas dinner party – a ton of food, a ton of friends. Magic.

The Fear:

This morning we were greeted with a letter from my old land-lords, who, despite being extremely nice to our faces (in fact, even checking over our heartily scrubbed empty house and giving us the thumbs up), have decided to do the typical passive-aggressive thing and written down all the things they intend to take out of our bond. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!!!!!!! Especially given that the entire house has been falling apart since the day we moved in, they didn’t even come and fix our toilet flush thingy which has been broken for the past six months, and now they have the nerve to try and charge us for fixing the place up! GRRRR!!!!!

I’m far from beaten though – I’m determined to take them on and win.

Mango Lick, I need your help!

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