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Chalkboard Goodness of the Week

chalkboard, inspiring, blackboard, quotes

Not sure which of the little muppets smudged it. But you know, I think it's kinda actually perfect!

This is a new installment both here on the blog and here in our home.

I got the idea from the ever-fabulous Kindness Girl (if you haven’t already discovered her beyond-gorgeous blog, then you are missing out!) and quickly found a chalkboard decal, stuck it outside our bedroom door and SHAZAM!


Already I have wild visions of updating it with fresh quips, quotes and other inspiring nuggets.

Bits of beauty that will inspire our family.

Tid-bits of loveliness that will set us in motion.

Slices of wonder that will keep Mummy from smacking her head against the mirror.

Whaddya think?

Quotes, thoughts and other suggestions for the board will be duly welcomed and fed with freshly cooked banana muffins*.

*Note: these won’t be real.

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