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Betty and the Betties at Teneriffe Festival Tomorrow!

Saving the world, one Song at a time!

So do you remember a little while ago I introduced an all-new exciting project called Betty and the Betties? (Because that’s exactly what I’m needing, more commitments in this lifetime. I simply cannot help myself, when I get inspired by something new and shiny I am as helpless as a One Direction fan in the arms of a…member of One Direction. Note to self: research those kids’ names so you can write better OD jokes.)

Anyhoo, two exciting announcements:

1) We’ve got a Facebook page! Granted this is perhaps not THAT exciting, given the zillion or so pages already up on that dear little website, however seeing as we are technically from the 1940’s this really is like a world freaking first. Anyhoo, please like us if you think this is something that would be your cup of Lady Grey.

2) We’ve managed to cram like crazy for the exam that is our very first gig this weekend and I am pretty damn happy with how it’s looking. Most importantly, we are having SO MUCH FUN in rehearsals, last night I ate a bit of a choc chip cookie, drank way too much Diet Coke and laughed til I had wet bits rolling down my cheeks. I know, magic, yes?!

We’re on the main stage at the Teneriffe Festival, tomorrow (Saturday) at 10.30am so come on down!



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