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Australian Cabaret Summer School: Here I Come!

Hey folks!

This Sunday morning, I shall be off at a madly indecent hour to catch a plane to Radelaide, oh yes, my beloved Radelaide (making this three trips in the past year!) to participate in what is sure to be a life-changing week in the form of The Australian Cabaret Summer School. 


I am very excited indeed and am trying to keep an open mind when it comes to the end product. Throughout the week, we will be working towards a 10 minute showcase piece, to be performed on the Saturday night (tickets, if you’re inclined, are available over here by the way), a piece which I am certainly anticipating will be the seed of my next solo show. I have an idea in mind, one I’m very excited about, but also want to just be wide open to where the expertise and inspiration around next week might take me.

And…as of today, I have been asked to be a guest blogger on Cabaret Confessional, to relay my experiences during the Summer School. What an honour! I am rather chuffed and have my pen poised (metaphorically speaking, what is this, 1930?) to blog the bleeding bloggins out of the week ahead.

For the next day, it’s baking candida-friendly recipes with the kidlets, house-cleaning, continuing to make a dent in our laundry pile (it’s won the battle, but not the war) and perhaps escaping tonight to a free outdoor movie screening.

See you on the other side!


Huge thanks to my local council’s Regional Arts Development Fund for allowing me this incredible opportunity in the first place. 

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