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Announcing: Woodford Folk Festival!

Last Woodford, fellow comedian Liz Skitch challenged me to a Woodford day in a mumu. I think I may just do it again!

Woodford is coming up faster than my anxiety at getting through the next few months/my life.

But seriously, SOOOOOO thrilled to announce that not only am I coming back to perform all over every corner of this year’s Woodford Folk Festival – truly, it’s a highlight of my year, both in terms of doing gigs and the family being able to come along for the ride (they LURRRRRRVE it!) but…I’m coming with Betty and the Betties! Wooohooooooooo!

This will also mark the debut of my new show, “Jenny Wynter’s Wonderland! Featuring Betty and the Betties.” (Friday 28th Dec, 10.20pm at The Parlour.)

Stoked. Stoked. Stoked.

Now I just have to finish writing it! Up, up and away!

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