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And the winners are…!

Ladies and gentlemen, the random generator has spoken!

Image courtesy of notsogoodphotography

1. Kerry from Motherhood and Everything Else 2. Donna from Donna Heart 3. Lisa from The Wright Stuff 4. Robin from Well of Creations 5. Rebecca from A Green Cow

Now, in a little bit of Comic Mummy trivia (really, is there such a thing? Really? No. But let’s just pretend, shall we?) Rebecca from A Green Cow was actually a runner-up in my Facebook page giveaway, meaning that she already has a copy of my delightfully shiny CD. I’m serious. Catch it in the right light and it glimmers.

So as such…….

In a surprise bonus move not seen since God threw in Eve, I’m gonna throw out a coupla extra copies of my CD to worthy runners-up here (I know, it doesn’t even make competitive or mathematical SENSE!) but such is my mood of whimsy, delight and extravagant generosity, that to hell with logic, truth and math!

Honorary CDs coming atchya to:


Kate from KateWares

Now how is THAT?! My first CM blog giveaway and who gets the prizes? Only 100% of the people who entered!

Thanks for spreading the love people. Shoot me an email if you please and let me know where to send your ball of wonder.

I am soooo feeling like Oprah right now. Minus the money. But other than that? SOOOOO feeling like Oprah.

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