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A Highly Succinct Yet Accurate Update

Feeling: Overwhelmed, anxious, out of control, like my house is never gonna look clean again, like I’m gonna crack one of these days and just rip the page that says “tidy” out of the dictionary.

Looking: Like a sweaty thyroidy wet patch. In fairness, this is cos I just got back from the gym. Yes. I am going. Again. Hold me. Not that close. I smell.

Doing: A ton of stuff. Gigs. Trying to work out how to crack this whole $10,000 target thing. Celebrating small victories. Fluffing my life away on Facebook. Beating myself up for not being more efficient. Getting lost in the vortex of visual candy that is Pinterest. Forgetting how to cook well. Taking comfort in articles like this.

Needing: Sleep. More arms.

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