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“Am I going to be on your blog?”

That’s what this guy asked me the other night, a guy I’d only just met at my sister’s party.

After announcing to me within moments that he made a point of ‘scaring people’ in conversation, he spent the next twenty minutes or proving himself right.

He was a philosophy student you see, into his fourth degree on the subject and obviously a huge fan of intellectual banter. A little too much of a fan, if you know what I mean. We bantered. I left. We bantered some more. I left again. A little more banter later and I suddenly realised I was being sucked into his duel of minds against my will. Within moments, our conversation was turning from intellectual wankery into a sort of uncomfortable abuse that was bordering on intellectual harrassment. Sounds weird? Well…it was.

I left again: for good.

But as it wrapped up, I do remember him saying to me: “Hang on a minute. Am I going to be on your blog?”

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

“Hell no.”

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