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All systems are go!

Firstly, my Mum’s just gotten back some test results and looks like her blood count is normal. WOOHOO! She is having some more tests done in a couple of weeks, but thus far it’s looking great. I didn’t tell you guys this, cos I didn’t want to dwell on the bad – as you know I have a disturbing tendency to insist the glass is half full and when it’s not I simply ignore the other half – but just after I got to Canada we found out that Mum did indeed have cancer. Rather distressing to say the least. Anyway, according to her it’s not a bad type of cancer (as I said to Mum ‘is that even possible?’) and she only had to have a few sessions of chemo, but it’s a new chemo that doesn’t make you completely sick or your hair fall out or anything. Bottom line: she’s finished off the sessions, is feeling much better, her spleen isn’t enlarged anymore so all the signs are good. I want to shout from the mountain-tops right now – and I couldn’t be in a better place to fulfil that desire literally.

Speaking of all things literal – hey, you like my segue? – tomorrow night’s the night I’ll be MCing at Wordfest, the Banff/Calgary International Writers Festival, and I have gone from nervous to panicked to finally fully pumped and enthused in the space of the past week. Now I cannot WAIT!

I’ve also had some more very exciting doors start to open, but will keep my cards close to my chest until further notice. But damn, after spending the past couple of weeks feeling a little down and doubtful about whether we’ve made the right choice in coming here, it sure is nice to be finally feeling like stuff is starting to pay off.

But may his true identity remain forever private.

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