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Adelaide Fringe Festival Tour Diary: A Quick Snap-Happy Update!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

This amazing woman was hilarious onboard the Tour of the Unexpected Bus. I love her!

Crazy times, dear Tour Diary, crazy times.


Helmut and Jenny. The J is now silent.

– Representing Germany in the most fabulously funny and trash-tacular “EUROWISION!” alongside luminaries such as the Axis of Awesome (where I told them about my very own parody of their parody), Dave Callan (who I met by almost literally falling into his arms upon leaving the stage), Jason Chong and umpteen other cheese-tacular talents. SOO SOO fun! My mate Leon – rechristened “Helmut” for the festivities” joined me in a little Deutsch duo. And it was filmed! Will share it for sure once I’ve got my hands on the footage. Best crowd ever, definitely a brilliant note to finish Sunday night on!

L-R Funny felines Urzila Carlson, Juliet Meyers, Sally-Anne Hayward, Jen Brister and moi.

Juliet, me and Urzila having some quality time in the Artists' Bar.

– Finally enjoying the wonders of the Artists Bar at Fringe. I’ve been so good looking after myself this past few weeks (early to bed – well, as early as late night gigs can accommodate – having my multivitamins, eating well, drinking tons of water) that I haven’t done the socialising thing, well, at all really. So this week as I am seeing the light at the end of the highly enjoyable tunnel, I have finally let loose a little. This particular night saw some of the funniest ladies I know carving it up together on the dance floor big-time – in between cries of “oh, my back!” “ow, I have a stitch!” We aren’t 19 anymore, clearly.

BEACH! YAAAHHH!!! I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that this is likely to be the only photo of me in my swimmers you are EVER likely to see. Online or otherwise.

– Beaching it up at Glenelg. So beautiful, my first time there ever. If Adelaide is cementing its place in my heart, then Glenelg is the blow-torch speeding up the drying process.

Ella has turned into my permanent hair and makeup consultant.

– Ella-time. So loving having more time with her, she’s begged me and begged me to come see the show again so will be there (hopefully not front and centre again!) tonight. Which, as a bonus, is SOLD OUT! I have a good feeling about this one… 🙂

Only 3 shows left! AGH! How did this happen?

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