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Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival: day 1

I am here! Yes! In Adelaide!

This is nothing short of a miracle as this time yesterday, it looked likely that flights would be canceled thanks to a certain volcano that just couldn’t contain itself for a few more centuries. Bloody volcanoes. Can’t live with em, can’t live without em..actually hang on a second, actually I totally could. Yeah, on second thought: Volcanoes, you can go suck it.

When I rocked up at the airport in the wee willy winky hours of this morning, I was greeted with this:


8 hrs after I left my house this morning, (yes, 8!!) I arrived, just in time to sit my butt down in the 5AA studios for a lovely interview with a mama tour-de-force after my own heart, Amanda Blair.

Walking home I found this:


And this:


It warmed my innards.

Which was lucky. It’s freaking cold.

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