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A Postcard from Reality: Wish You Were Here!

Sunset over Bribie Island last weekend.

The most FAQ in any interview I do – I love saying that as if it’s a regular occurrence (which it is, of course…ehem) – is “how do you balance performing and family life?”

My answer to that is:

a) I don’t. Not with any real success, anyway. It’s a bit of a mess, really; however… b) The way we cope is by embracing the seasonality of it. That is, there are seasons of insane busy-ness, followed by seasons of down-time.

Right now were in the downtime season. It’s all about the family, which I am so, so, SO enjoying. There is the odd gig here and there, but after the crazy months of festival fever at the start of 2012, it’s been so lovely lately to just shut myself off from the world of comedy, social media, blogging and the rest for a bit and just focus on soaking up my dear lil family. Well, between sicknesses (I am battling a mo-fo of a virus as I type).

Mothers Day with my grandma.

My kiddly-winks hand balling up a storm at Gran’ma and Gran’pa’s

Flowers and tea, oh my!

My little bunny!

Mister 8 asked for a soccer birthday cake. So Miss 9 and I – with the help of a number of tiny toys we scraped up – delivered.

The kids surprised us with a dress-up play, with them playing da da da da: me and hubby. Note “my” neck-brace and “hubby’s” bible. Hehe. Perfection.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you so much if you’ve been checking in here for more regular updates; please forgive me my absence, I – and the fam – have just been craving this season something chronic round here. I’ll be back soon.


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