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A mother and daughter triathlon!

So last year I had this crazy little idea about doing a triathlon. Why? Hmmm…I think because:

a) I wanted something seriously motivating to get me into shape, seeing as ‘just lose the baby weight’ wasn’t quite a big enough carrot to force me to put down the Maltesers; and

b) just to see if I could.

I started training – and let it be documented that jogging in snow ain’t no picnic – but then we decided to move our butts back to Australia, meaning that while said triathlon was taking place, we were packing like crazy to make the cross-globe move with kids happen.

Mission delayed.

Fast forward eight months or so – it was really only after I began to feel better after my car accident earlier this year, that the whispers of ‘triathlon’ came floating back on the breeze. For the first time in my entire life, my body had been incapable of acting like I wanted it to (well, you know, aside from me wanting it to act a little slimmer…pffffft….but that aside) and so it was that once things started getting back on track, I had a new appreciation and indeed vision, for the feats my body might do in this life.

Enter the Triathlon Pink.

a) It’s a triathlon. Tick.

b) It’s to raise money for an excellent cause, this being the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

c) They have an event for kids. Meaning that my long-held but infrequently-acted-upon desire to get my little ones actively involved with making a difference in their community might actually have a chance to take flight.

So…come 24th October, little Miss 7 and myself will be swimming, biking and fighting the urge to maim running our way to the finish line!

This is our first blog entry on our fundraising page:

My name is Ella my birthday is August the 12th. I was born in 2002. My mum makes my heart shine to, I love my mum a lot because she is my whole world. Some times I think she is toooooooo kind but thats how I like it. All the kids my mum has are boys except for me, but I like it because I get my OWN ROOM!

The reason why I said yes to my mum about doing the triathlon was because I love to bike ride,swim and run they are three of my favourite things to do in life. THANK YOU! You can listen to Mummy now she has got some awesome things to tell you!

My name is Jenny. My birthday is February 24 and I am 31 years old! I have three wonderful kidlets, Ella was and is my first-born and she is SPECTACULAR! I love her spirit, her passion and that when I asked whether she would be interested in doing this triathlon with me, her eyes lit up and she said “YES!”

I am looking forward to training together, doing this whole thing together and being part of something so positive together.

If you care to sponsor this nutty endeavour, you can do so with huge righteous applause (you know, of the ‘in-your-own-head’ kind) here.

Operation Training commences this week. Wish us luck!!!

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