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A Film That Rocked Your World

A little late admittedly, but just stumbled upon this little gem: being an interview (by the wonderful Margaret Pomeranz, no less) with my favourite, FAVOURITE (did I mention favourite?) filmmaker of all time, Tim Burton.

Incidentally, I just bought a very cool biography of him – as well as some merchandise from his recent exhibition at GOMA – in New York.

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Though I love and adore quite a number of faboosh films, I have to say that none have ever really rocked my soul like Edward Scissorhands. I was depressed for weeks. I went back to see it four times at the movies (and this was back when I was twelve, when forking out for the cinemas was like taking out a mortgage). I collected everything I could get my hands on in any way Edward, Winona or Johnny (and strange combinations of the above) related.I ordered the soundtrack from England.

And I cried. Oh how I cried.

And…I decided that I wanted a career in entertainment.

In other words, it rocked me.


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