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7 Things To Report Right Now

Taken by Little Miss at this year’s Woodford Folk Fest

1. Little Miss 8’s CT scan came back normal. Big freaking PHEW.

I am yet to be given the all-clear straight from the horse’s mouth (follow-up appointment is tomorrow) but so far, so good. Will write more about this whole rather upsetting experience when it’s a little more distant.

I didn’t say much on here but I was feeling more than a little freaked out when the doctor looked me flat in the eye (yes, ‘flat’) and said “based on what you’re describing my first thought is brain tumour.”

Me: “And based on what you’re describing my first thought is your bedside manner sucks hairy buttocks.”

P.S. Okay, fine I didn’t really say that.

P.P.S. In a splendidly passive aggressive stunt, however, I am changing doctors. Take that, Doctor Tact!

2. Had my second ever surprise party last night! Birthday dinner with great friends, delishy food and frolicking a-plenty. Very impressed by my hubby’s efforts at a) organising it and b) keeping it a secret and c) keeping it a secret and d) keeping it a secret.

I should mention that he told me halfway through the party that he’d only just managed to get his mitts on my phone that very night, and after a quick scroll through my contacts was silently smacking his forehead upon discovering a number of peeps he should have extended the invite to…


Oh well. My hubby literally IS Forgetful Jones. Suffice to say that I’m mega impressed – yes, on top of the aforementioned impressed-ness – that he remembered to invite me.

3. Adelaide Fringe this Sunday! AAAGGGHHH!! I haven’t even had time to think about it, other than that I’ll be doing gigs every night I’m down there (6th to 13th). I have quite a few bits to organise between now and then, life has just been flat strapped of late. Hang on, ‘of late’? Who the heck am I kidding?

4. Gumball Theatre is undergoing some changes in the coming weeks. I’m so excited and inspired and have heaps to share. But for now… know that our next show is donating all proceeds to the Queensland Disaster Relief effort.

If you’re into funny stuff and/or supporting the cause, then please, pretty please, spread the word around! Will love you long time.

It’s this Friday. In Brissles. Here’s the poster, yo. (“Breaking Bad” reference intended. Maybe.)

5. Had a birthday break from the sugar detox (as previously agreed upon with my partner-in-healthiness Lizzy) and woke up with a mother of a sore throat. Poo bum wee.

6. Am having a girly Oscars night tomorrow night with me ladies. So excited. I love nothing more than hurling insults at beautiful people while eating questionable amounts of (sugar-free) chocolate. It makes me feel validated.

7. I have embarked on yet another tres exciting project with my tres exciting sister-in-law Lizzy. It more than merits its own blog post or twenty, so shall spill forth deets soon. Here’s a hint though.It’s got something to do with one of my wildest ambitions…


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