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5 Things That Have Happened Thus Far on this LA Trip

1. I sat next to a very large American woman and her very petite Aussie husband on the plane. Both were very friendly, lovely even, to the point where the woman would not stop talking to me. Not stop. Even when I did my best  “I’m watching my movie here and I’m really, really into it!” look. She was immune. Clearly I need to do some work on this much-neglected superpower.

2. I arrived to squeals of delight from my wonderful host Natasha (whom I met at last year’s Improv Masterclass in New York) who promptly greeted me with “I do hope you’re not doing anything Wednesday night, because I have a spare ticket to EDDIE IZZARD!” Long term blog readers will know why my head then fell off.

3.  We had a delightful dinner in beyond-delightful Santa Monica, which I have now decided that I want to adopt. I just don’t know how I’m gonna fit it on the plane and convince Australian customs that it is a legitimate import.

4. Spent the evening with Natasha, chatting, giggling, exercising (yes, I know, I can’t believe it either. I think it’s something in the LA smog that implores you to do a midnight session of ‘Classical Stretch’) and talking comedy. I’ve already been struck by an idea which might just focus my good self over the next six months. I am enthused and terrified. Which is always a good sign.

5. Skyped my beautiful family, whereupon I discovered that:

a) It is possible to feel quite close when you can actually see each other from across the globe;

b) Master 2 is actually quite happy to see my this time, rather than confused and upset like he was during last year’s skype sessions from NY; and

c) It is still possible for Mister 7 to get angry at me through the magic of web-cam. Because I called him a “cheeky monkey” (said WITH LOVE, PEOPLE!), but which, in the wrong mood, evidently doesn’t go down that well.


Coming up today: Getting a SIM card for my phone (upon which time I shall have some photos for you!) and tonight, going to see this ridicu-cool piece of awesome…AGH!

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