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5 Things I’m, like, WAY into right now

1. Corner Gas – a very quirky, very Canadian and VERY hilarious sit-com, which, apparently, every Canadian with a pulse (and believe me, there are a few) is pretty well into. You can check out some video clips on the website, I’m not sure whether they do the whole show justice, as I definitely had to watch a full episode before I really ‘got’ the characters and so on, but still…give it a bash. Eh?

2. Tim Minchin’s new website – ah, he really just is so flipping cool, isn’t he? In that wonderful self-deprecating way. *bursting into Jeremy Jordan track* I wanna be just like you, I wanna be just the same… Anyhoo, check him out. AND…he’s going to start cracking the USA as of a month or so. Tres cool. (Damn, I wish you could write ‘tres’ and actually seem cool instead of a tosser).

3. Feeling like a celebrity when people recognise me from my newspaper column. Okay, so ‘celebrity’ is a bit much, it’s only been four people who’ve recognised me thus far, but one of them was a very lovely grandmother who took it upon herself to introduce me to her daughter (and mother of two kiddlies herself) who promptly invited our whole family to stay with them in Montreal any time we like. Uh…like, yes please! Like, for next year’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival! AGH!

4. Watching more comedy than I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Seriously, it’s like having my own at-home comedy festival. I’m doing some casual shifts at the local video store you see, and, while it is nothing short of humbling to go from earning a pretty okay living doing 20 minutes of comedy a night back in Oz, to…well, working for hours in a video store, the harsh reality right now is that we need whatever dosh we can get. Plus the people are nice, I need friends (can you ever write that and not sound desperate?) and I’m seriously consoling myself by working my way through their superb collection of stand-up. Thus far I’ve checked out George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Tracey Ullman, Ellen Degeneres, Richard Pryor, Jim Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bill Maher, plus heaps of compilations and have been taking notes the whole way. And I’ve still got about another 70+ DVDs to get through. Rock.

5. And finally, these. They’re gonna be the death of me.

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