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5 Exciting Announcements!

1. The stomach bug has left the building! Huzzah! It’s at least had the courtesy to take turns between us here family members, meaning that at least one person is okay enough to man the fort while the others lie spread-eagle on any flat surface, moaning and groaning and all the rest…plus nestled itself most conveniently between last weekend’s Powerhouse shows and my upcoming season at Melbourne International Comedy Festival – I leave Saturday (AAAGGGHH!) so you know. There’s always light at the end of the bucket.

Interpreter and performer: dig it.

2. It’s official: my first weekend of shows in Melbourne will be interpreted by my wondrous friend and Auslan comedic alter-ego, Ruth Sullivan (pictured above with me backstage last weekend)! YAY! That’s Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th shows. So tremendously excited about this, I hope it’s just the beginning of a long life of touring our hands, mouths and hearts together! Ummm…did that sound wrong? Ehem.

Sing us a song, you're the piano man...

3. Also joining me for this upcoming Melb Comedy Fest season – the WHOLE season – is my gorgeous friend and musical genius, Matthew Hadgraft (pictured above when we did our thang together recently at Woodford). He will be accompanying me on the keys in grand fashion while we take turns throwing pina coladas down each other’s throats afterwards. Rock.

4. Opening night for my Melbourne Comedy Fest season is sold out. HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY DANCE! It’s going to be a rocker. Tix still well and truly available for the remaining 11 shows (a couple are close to sold out, I believe) so if you know anybody in Melbs who might dig my stuff, pretty please let them know? I really do rely so heavily on the kindness of strangers – and loved ones, and everybody in between – in spreading the word to share the show with as many folks as possible. I have never been so aware as in the past few months how much my supposed “solo” show is really such an incredible team effort!

5. My 7 year old has recently announced that he wants to be an actor. I have much to say on this. Which I shall. Soon.


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