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5 Changes I’m Preparing to Embrace

1. An extreme makeover I can get behind

That’s right, kiddies! Comic Mummy is all lined up for a facelift! Woohoo! A nip here, a tuck there, hopefully it will all be suitably stunning. The last thing I’d want is my blog to go all Courtney Love on me.

Image courtesy of VH1

2. Putting down the internet and backing away slowly.

At the suggestion of my occasionally Yoda-like hubby (i.e. in his wisdom, not his green and shrivelled appearance or his capacity to talk backwards), I am trying to change my habit of being sucked into the cyber-vortex nightly and instead, getting to bed by 9.30 with the blissfully net-free laptop to write, write, write.

3. The early bird catches the worm.

While I do want to see what awesomeness might await should I actually achieve my resolve to rise earlier, I must admit my commitment is not all there. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m just not that into catching worms.

4. Remember to stock up on camera batteries and tape for my video camera

I am busting, BUSTING I tell you, to show you guys my new office!! But I kid you not, when it comes to doing so, I think I am cursed. Seriously. I’ve taken my camera in twice, only to realise (and yes, the second time it was the same realisation – I really am that challenged) that I had no batteries. Then I thought “oh well, bugger it, I’ll just take in the video camera and do a video tour!” only to find…yep, no tape. I’m a genius. AGH.

5. Littlest’s nappy. That’s a coming. I can feel it.

Shall we dance?

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