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3 Things Inspiring Me Right Now

Buttocks. Big. Hairy. Buttocks.

1. The Moth story podcasts.  Frankie and I tried to go see the live show while in NYC but were turned away at the door. No, not cos we rocked up in singlets and thongs, but cos it’s so damn popular. The pic above is us in the queue just post “sorry folks” news…

Anyhoo, I’m pleased to say that this inspiration has taken hold of me like a parasite – though with less nausea, toxicity or general all-round grossness – and called me to action. Coming very soon to Brisvegas will be MothUP, where peeps can gather to share stories in a similar format to The Moth itself. AGH! So happy! Deets coming soon.

2. Such nice words coming through about the cartoons here on Comic Mummy. Thanks so much, I’m so encouraged by what I’d really delayed posting on here for ages for sheer fear of looking silly. (I know, ME? Worried about looking SILLY? After that turkey thang? How bout the shots-de-unflattering? And let’s not forget the time you announced hiatus from your former blog by posting a photo of something you’d peed on).

Anyhoo, point is, I’m thus inspired not just to keep developing the cartoon thang, but also to try other stuff I’ve been delaying just cos of fear.

Note: until further notice, “having more kids” is excluded.

3. My littlest, who earlier this year broke his leg at daycare (topping off a rightly crappy chapter in CM land), FINALLY likes the bath again. And I’m pretty sure it’s all thanks to Nemo.

Baby vs. Nemo. You can win, my child. You can win.

Is there anything you cannot do?

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