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3 Shows to See This Week in Brisbane

We interrupt our regular programming of self-indulgent narcissism to bring you breaking news of “This Week in Brisbane!”

Three incredibly talented women I have had the great pleasure of meeting in this lifetime have all got gigs happening this week in Brisvegas and I do hope if you are in the vicinity you will get yourself along!

Priscilla Sutton, the brainchild behind Spare Parts. Image courtesy of

Priscilla has been a kick-ass lady for as long as I have known her, however her latest undertaking has me wetting everything in awe. Since she started the idea a couple of years back – an exhibition where artists are commissioned to use prosthetic limbs as their respective canvases – it has taken on a life of its own and is about to jet of on tour to…da da da da: LONDON! So freaking exciting. The project is not-for-profit with many artists choosing to donate proceeds to their chosen charity and is run independently, thus they are holding a very cool indeed fundraiser Thursday night at The Zoo, with music, comedy, artworks and more. Sounds super fun. I was meant to be doing a comedy spot here but very sadly, my hubby has had to jet off up north for work this week and with no babysitters in sight for the near future, twas not to be. I really am gutted as I am so utterly blown away by what Priscilla has done with this and want to support her and such a rocking project as much as I can. So please…GO TO THE ZOO, BUY A DRINK AND CLINK IT WITH HER IN MY HONOUR! Tix are only $12 prepaid and are available here.

2. Wednesday – Saturday: Australian Booty at Brisbane Powerhouse

I already raved about this show during my jaunt at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Of the dozens of shows I saw during that fest, this was definitely one of the highlights. Superbly clever, hilarious, authentic, uplifting…I could go on. And perhaps I shall. This show was like receiving an enjoyable injection to better your health. I walked out of the theatre feeling like my self esteem meter had shot off the charts, like I wanted to just strut my stuff – complete with all its flaws, wobbles and stretch marks and roar “I AM WOMAN! NOW FEED ME CHOCOLATE!” Or something. Anyhoo, I cannot rave about this enough, I only hope that Candy B will do a special 10 year anniversary performance or similar so I can take my daughter to see it when she is old enough. ROCK. Go check it. It really is booty-freaking-licious.

While I haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing Ladynerd for myself, I have heard NOTHING but wonderful things about it. The adorable Keira Daley (who I first met through improv-world, as she is an improv passionado much like myself) makes her solo debut in a show which has already garnered tons of buzz, awards, razzle, dazzle and all that spectacle-clad jazz. And she’s about to jet off to Edinburgh with it too! Very cool indeed, especially that she’s bringing it up to Brissie as part of her Aussie tour before she jets off abroad. Hugely recommended.

I’m off to plan my weekend.


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