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2012 Goals and other Shiny Things


Yes, I know, I know, carrying on from my last post about the year that’s been, clearly I have absolutely NO lightbulbs going off at all as to how to go about lowering my ambitions. I know all about the ‘why’, but it doesn’t translate into any tangible changes.

As I watched Eddie Izzard’s “Believe” doco again the other day, this time with my sister, it really struck me how even though he came to the realisation that his ridiculous over-achieving compulsion was directly related to his early childhood trauma of his mother’s death, evidently, just knowing it is not enough to actually change it. For instance, since that doco was made I believe he’s run something like two billion marathons, day after day, all in the name of charity.

Point is, understanding the why of your behaviour, doesn’t automatically equal changing your behaviour.

You may hereafter refer to me as Doctor Phyllis.

Anyhoo, being the change-impaired ball of compulsive “doing things” that I am, I have made my usual list of year goals, however this year I am doing so with the help of

I’m not sure if it will help me any. I tend to jump on the newest and latest exciting bandwagon all the time, only to get a little distracted by the next bright and shiny thing that comes my way. But heck, why not?

Oh look! Something shiny!

More Pip and Pop. Are you not helpless in its wonder-grips?

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