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Jenny Wynter - Keynote Speaker

Hearing Jenny speak is truly an experience.

Using her skills and techniques as an internationally award-winning performer, coupled with her extensive experience in the business realm, Jenny speaks with humour and heart on the topics of Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Mental Health.

Hilarious, energetic and fun-filled, her Keynotes are known for shifting the mood, and cracking people up with humour while cracking them open with heart and real strategies for moving forward. 

Jenny Wynter has worked with Auto & General
Jenny Wynter has worked with CSL
Jenny Wynter has worked with Brisbane City Council
Jenny Wynter has worked with Hunter Water
Jenny Wynter has worked with Rydges Hotels and Resorts

Jenny was absolutely fantastic. it also hit a few people in the feels and they loved the messaging (it was really on point for us in terms of the​ wellbeing aspect). I have no idea how I am going to do something better next year!

Lisa Warren
Hunter Water Corporation

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Are your people overdue for a joy injection? This morale boosting, energy-fuelled and entertaining session will re-energise your people and get them inspired to go from burned out to fired back up again! 

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We loved our time with Jenny. She tailored her show for our diverse corporate audience and over-delivered in terms of laughs. We particularly enjoyed the impromptu musical performance and interactive elements that made the audience feel included in the show

Rebecca Emery
humm group


An interactive, fun and humorous session to get your team inspired and primed to do their most creative and innovative work with boldness and confidence.

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 Ausmumpreneur 2022 - image by HipsterMum Photography 

Jenny was absolutely amazing for the full 45 minutes and we laughed to tears at all the improvs... ...both online and in person (yes, we successfully made the hybrid mode work!!)

Shruthi Kumar,

Connell Griffin


 Ausmumpreneur 2022 - image by HipsterMum Photography 

Mindset Mojo

A hilarious, hopeful and energising session designed to bust self-doubt, self-sabotage and other habits that stop us from bringing our best selves to our work. This fun keynote includes real strategies to help you and your people show up with confidence, positivity and self esteem.

Find Jenny Wynter on LinkedIn

Jenny is one remarkable woman! She can make you cry, laugh and reflect on the meaning of living in what feels like a split second and then let you walk away with hope

Jacinta Felsch
NSW Health

How To Work With Me

I like my bookings the way I like my children's school lunches: SIMPLE!


Simply fill out an enquiry form - with as little or as much info as you have to hand - and then we'll be in touch. 

We'll organise a Zoom call (or Teams, Skype, etc!) to work out exactly what you want and need - so I can tailor what I offer so you get the most bang for your buck!


Then, my Tech Manager (aka my husband who luckily is an incredibly tech savvy IT manager!) will organise a chat with your tech person (even if that's you and you're not super tech minded, no worries! That's what he's there for) to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day. 


That's it! Easy!


 Ausmumpreneur 2022 - image by HipsterMum Photography 


It was a pleasure to work with Jenny Wynter… …Jenny brought a unique perspective to the panel talk EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COMEDY and made its science content accessible, joyful and amusing through her comedic timing and stage demeanour.

Maho Go
World Science Festival Queensland

Jenny Wynter is a TedX Speaker
Jenny Wynter has appeared on Channel 9's Today Show
Jenny Wynter appears on ABC Radio Brisbane
Jenny Wynter has written for the Courier Mail and Sunday Mail
Jenny Wynter has written for MamaMia
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