With over a decade's experience as an award-winning stand-up comedian, Jenny brings her energetic and hilarious style to her presentations in a way that brings light and laughter to every audience, particularly for events which focus on women.


Jenny's presentations delve into the areas of womanhood, parenthood, mental health and using humour as life's pain relief through its darker moments. As a mother with a family of six kids (three she made herself and three she outsourced) also pursuing her major passions, Jenny's perspective resonates deeply with women who are striving to achieve their goals in the midst of a busy family, as well as busy career women who want a healthy family life!


With first-hand experiences, thought-provoking insight and her key ingredient of humour, Jenny helps women to explore how to improve their mental health, and thus find greater enjoyment and meaning in their lives.

Please get in touch to see how Jenny can work with you to bring a laughter-and-thought-provoking boost to your next event.


Finding Humour in the Dark
Motherhood and Mental Health
Un-traditional Families
Parenthood and Pursuing Passions


Mothers and Creative Business
Using Humour to Create Community
Embracing Failure to Find Success
How Improvisation Improves Relationships
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