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Your opinion, please.

Is it just me, or is the latest fashion being advertised on the back of Canadian newspapers (see left) a little…erm…unflattering?

I just don’t see how leotards and tights – especially WHITE tights – are gonna be bringin’ sexy back. Maybe fourteen years ago I felt a little differently, but:

a) that was fourteen years ago; and b) I also thought Michael Bolton was all that; because… c) that was fourteen years ago.

In fact, the only way I think leotards and tights could even come close to sexy is if they were used to strangle Mariah Carey. Then, maybe (just maybe) I could be convinced to give them a second look.

But even then, I wouldn’t be attaching them to my buttocks. I’d probably just frame them, light a couple of candles and chant.

Or…is that just me?

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