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You know it’s a funny birthday party when…

1. The birthday boy kicks of the day’s festivities by weeing all over the bathroom floor. (Seriously, if you haven’t tried this at least once in your life, you should.)

2. The birthday boy – who up to this point has been completely and utterly superhero-obsessed to the point of refusing to wear anything NOT superhero themed – chooses the day of his superhero themed birthday party to change his mind and REFUSE to wear any of his superhero outfits.

3. The birthday boy’s mummy forgets to take the drinks out of the fridge – thus bringing new meaning to the concept of a ‘dry party’.

4. The birthday boy’s family camera decides to konk out, even though it is only two months old, meaning that the birthday photos are outsourced to birthday boy’s uncle’s phone camera.

5. Everybody has fun anyway.

*I’ll be posting photos soon, I promise!! But for now to qualm your insatiable imagery appetite, here’s a post-party pic of the kids enjoying one of Caleb’s pressies from Grandpa and Grandma: a car rented out for the weekend! Oh boy, what have we started?

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