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Yes “Mrs Minister”

Image courtesy of Secret Life of a Pastor's Wife

Wow. So coming out of the closet re: the Christian hubby thing was actually quite liberating. Huh.

It almost seems kinda ridiculous really that I even made such a huge deal about it, I mean, come on, it’s not like he killed anybody, represents Amway or snores. Ehem.

Anyhoo, I’ve had so many lovely comments and emails about that post – I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten around to replying to you all yet, I’m afraid that with school holidays creeping up behind me like Hannibal Lector after a fast, it’s been a leeeeeetle bit hectic. But please know that the comments really touched me, surprised me and inspired me: to bring some of this stuff onto the stage. Hmmm, it’s a fine line because I certainly don’t want to bash the crap out of religion (there are plenty of comics doing just fine on that front, plus in many cases, it’s doing quite a good job itself), but rather, I just want to give an honest (and hopefully funny) account of what it’s like to live with somebody who’s quite devoutly religious when you’re not. But honestly, I would simply not have the guts to do that if it hadn’t been for the kind words from you guys, atheists, agnostics and Christians alike. So freaking cool!

Just wanted to make mention in particular of a woman who’s apparently been a regular reader of the CM blog for some time, who emailed me to let me know that she is married to a Uniting Church minister while she herself is not a Christian! Wow. She mentioned that as she’d been performing in the music scene for a while, it came as quite a shock to many of her friends when she suddenly became, in her words, “Mrs Minister”! (LOVE that wording, haha!)

Which brings me back to the whole TV idea.

As I said last time, while I think it would make a pretty fun idea for a reality TV series, I have ZERO interest in doing that. Or any reality TV series for that matter. Ever. This hasn’t always been the case, mind you – namely because early on I was just so freaking desperate gung-ho on getting exposure of any sort that I would have happily appeared in anything I could get. Please, take me. Do what you want with me. Please hold me. But now I’m a bit older and dare I say, wiser less channelling Pollyanna, I no longer think that all exposure is good exposure, and am now focused on only going for the kind of exposure I would actually want.

So reality TV = no.

Sit-com = yah-hah.

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