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"Yes-And", Turned Up to 11


I would give every hot dog I've ever eaten to have been a fly on the wall in the writers' room for "Everything Everywhere All At Once."

I mean, seriously, can you imagine?

"So, I'm thinking... hot dog fingers that squirt out mustard and ketchup."


"Oh, and a giant bagel that's going to destroy the universe, oh, yeah, and it's made up of everything from sesame seeds to Craiglist ads."


"My mother used to think 'Ratatouille' was "Racoon-couille", like the guy had a racoon under his chef cap the whole time."


There's no doubt in my mind that those writers had an unparalleled level of trust between them. They had to know that there was no idea too stupid, no suggestion too ridiculous and no thought, no matter how left field, that would have anybody else in that room rolling their eyes or staring back blankly.

Sure, it's a movie, but I truly think the same is true of any creative group - if you don't feel 100% safe, you can be sure that you will censor your ideas before you share them. "That's too stupid, nobody will like that, what a dumb idea."

And that's how the world gets robbed of the best ideas.

And imagine a world without hot dog fingers, vortex bagels and Racoon-Couille. That's not one I'd wanna live in.

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