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Writing, writing and cliffhangers

Well, we’re home again, safe and sound, back into the old routine, which includes (hopefully) some more regular blogging including actually replying to comments. Forgive me, readers, what can I say, it’s a tough life on the road, baby!

I’m super motivated right now (and super annoyed at myself for my apparent automatic overuse of the word ‘super’ – but it’s such a nice, upbeat word!) to enter into next week’s third installment of my residency at the Banff Centre.

I’m gonna keep it focused on writing – writing some more chunks for my new comedy show, plus polishing off some songs I’ve been working on, but also getting together my spec TV script (I’m doing one for ‘The Office’) as well as a pilot episode for the sit-com which I pitched at the Banff World TV Fest. Excitement!

There’s much other news to share, but that will have to wait. Sighs all round. Soon, soon, my little impatient ones, soon shall I feed you! Now in the meantime pipe down and let Mummy get back to her Scrabulous.


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