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Working on the home (not in the Martha Stewart way)

I FINALLY feel that sense of relief that can only come after having worked towards something for months and months, only to have it come to fruition. Well, the kind that might also come from having escaped the clutches of a serial killer. But for now, let’s go with working towards something.

For today, we moved into our new abode, the abode which will be our home-base for the next six months. And…despite the risk we took in signing ourselves up for it before having even cast a glance at it, I’m happy to say that we’ve been here less than two hours and already it completely rocks.

Check out the view from our balcony! I’ve honestly been walking around the past couple of hours grinning like a certifiable lunatic and even (and I swear this is true) bursting into spontaneous giggles.

Boy, oh boy, Tim’s in for a long six months.

I’m so relieved that this is a place we can really embrace as a home, rather than just another temporary shelter til we make the next move (okay, okay, so it kinda is that too, but just indulge me for a moment). Cos we really need to work on our home-life at the moment.

In grand Comic Mummy fashion, I realise I’ve simply assumed that I’ve explained myself to you, dear reader, specifically in terms of why we’ve decided to make the move here. But I haven’t. How to explain?

Well, take today for instance: I was supposed to take the bus to Calgary today to audition for a comedic/musical/dinner show that features regularly right here in Canmore! A paid performance opportunity, 5-6 nights per week, right here in the middle of the mountains; it sounded too good to be true (and would seemingly address my greatest fear in being here, that in spite of its beauty and creative inspiration, that my performance skills are going to rust up).

But then Tim seemed a bit out of sorts – after discussing it and how it would mean going straight back into the cycle we’ve been in for the past year (i.e. him working all day, then me going out all night to perform = us passing like two ships in the night), I ended up deciding to give it a miss.

I won’t pretend I wasn’t a bit disappointed (but the disappointment was allayed by Tim compromising and agreeing to support me setting up some comedy stuff of my own two nights a week instead) – but those of you who’ve read this blog for a while will know that I do find the comedy/family balance pretty damn elusive.

And THAT, my dear friends, is the real reason for this trip into the mountains. To have a bit of downtime in an environment which will help us get our family life back on track.

I mean, the initial major drawcard for coming to Canada for me was the pumping comedy and improv scene: if I’d had it my way we’d have been straight to Toronto so I could pick up with Second City and gig hard!

But I always come back to the fact that at the end of my life, I think the biggest achievement of all will be keeping my family together. Because it’s bloody hard! I honestly look at every couple with children and find myself shaking my head that ANYONE is able to stay together.

Anyway, that’s a whole other blog. The point is, that moving here, in the mountains, was our compromise.

And some compromise it’s turning out to be!

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