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Woodford Folk Festival appearances

Wonderful, wonderful Woodford Folk Festival! I have pined for it like a baby pines for solid food. Greedily, yet wary of indigestion.

I am so excited, the last time I performed here was at the end of 2006 and it was a total blast. A totally hot blast, but a blast is a blast baby, cannot wait!

Also gracing the comedic lineup are some of my fave people, including Tripod, Akmal Saleh, Fiona McGary, Greg Sullivan, Mandy Nolan, Harley Breen, Alan Glover, S Sorenson and tons tons more groovy peeps. I’ve actually got a new song just about Woodford which I wrote just after our first Christmas in Canada, as catharsis for my pining away for the wonderment occuring overseas. A bit ridiculous, given that there’s only one place in the world that I’ll ever be able to actually perform it, but there you go. Maybe I’ll just have to do it twice.

I’ll be featured on the lineup Monday night, Thursday night and Friday night, as well as part of the Great Comedy Debate on Tuesday afternoon. The topic is ‘that country living is better than city living’ and I’m on the affirmative. Which is great because I do love that word:  ‘affirmative’. Especially when my hubby barks it at me. It makes me feel all loved in a very Princess Leia way. Or something.

In the meantime, the next week is set to comprise a combination of final Christmas shopping, cleaning the living daylights out of my house in preparation for our first extended family Christmas in three years (two Christmases abroad led me to the rather bold/stubborn move of inviting our entire clan to our rather cosy abode for the day itself) and gearing up for the festival itself. YEEHAW!

If you do come make sure you come and say hi after! xox

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