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Woodford Folk Festival and other tantalising updates

Snapped this on a train in the Big Apple. LOVE that tatt! Tempted to get one of the Brissie skyline but somehow it

Quickie update:

1. I can officially announce now that I’m gonna be part of the comedic lineup at this year’s Woodford Folk Festival. I absolutely adore this fest – it is a massive highlight of my year, so much so that I even wrote an ode to it when I was pining away over in Canada, the first time I’d missed a fest in almost a decade! I’m doing the Great Comedy Debate plus a couple of stand-up slots too and am bracing myself for frivolities, catching up with friends over a cider or twenty and/or combinations of the above.

2. I have some extremely exciting news to announce in the next coupla days regarding my improv ensemble‘s official launch. So freaking cool. AGH!

3. Thanks heaps to you lovely darlings who put finger to mouse to help me out in deciding on where to focus my energies for the upcoming novel writing challenge. The results are in and I’m gonna be doing…. da da da da! A NOVEL!

4. I’ve started working on a few new blog buttons – yes, I really am that brilliant at procrastinating. If you’re good perhaps some of this shiny time-wasting will rub off on you! There? Is it working?

Anyhoo, here’s one of the latest.

Comic Mummy lousy button

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a>

Feel free to spread it around cyberspace like you would syrup on a pancake. That is, liberally if you like, not at all if you don’t. I won’t be offended.

(No really, that’s not my fist shaking, that’s just me cheering for your right to choose.)

5. Finally, thanks heaps to all who have messaged me etc. with support following the Brownish Prairie Dog issues. I’m so grateful for the kind words, the sharing of your own dealings with this furry little beast and you know…without going all Barbara Streisand on your ass (I mean, hello? Isn’t that why you come here?), well…it really does help. Thank you.

Now go eat a lollypop. I insist.


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