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Won't You Come Home?

My daughter has known forever how much Bill Bailey means to me comedically, but she’d up 'til now avoided watching him; something about “mum’s a boomer with no idea about actual entertainment.”*

*I’m paraphrasing. She’d never use ‘actual’.

Anyway with a stroke of luck she finally made it and I could see my stocks shooting up with every laugh he got out of her. She loved it.

After the show as we made our way backstage to see the man himself she whispered to me “I get why you love Jon so much.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.



Fun fact: Jon and I had our first official date at Bill’s 2014 show, and afterwards, Jon made him laugh backstage. I was pretty sure it was love.**

**Spoiler: it was.

PS Huge thanks to my darling mate Hatty for bringing Bill into my life in the first place and for inviting my girl! Xxx

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