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Why can’t I go back to (comedy) college?

You know it’s a good week when you’re spending much of it reciting Bill Cosby lines.

(Well, that’s my idea of a good week, I’ve no idea what that says about my life. Actually, yeah I do.)

I’ve also been reading the autobiography of Mary Tyler Moore, was BUMMED that our television didn’t pick up the channel which screened a doco on Carol Burnett on Monday but comforted myself by stocking up on a couple of wicked comedy books (Canmore Secondhand Bookstore – let us embark on a mad affair) including a self-penned title by Joan Rivers and a couple of classics from the man: Cosby. Who, I’ve just found out, is still touring madly throughout the States and lengthy non-stop shows at that. And he’s, what? 70? Man alive.

Anyhoo, point is, combining reading, writing and watching more comedy in the past month than I’ve watched in my entire LIFE – I’m getting pretty soaked. As Tim put it: “You’ve basically come here and you’re putting yourself through comedy college!” Yesterday I met up with a very cool dude who lives right here in Canmore – he trained with Second City Toronto back in the eighties, has run improv workshops (in other words, has a real passion for this stuff) and has kinda taken me under his wing a bit. i.e. I think I’ve found a mentor. Anyway, all this has resulted in a whirlpool of nuggets of wisdom that are, as I type, swimming around at a maddening pace in my muddled little mind. Aaah.

So what I now would like to know is…what are some of yours? i.e. the words/quotes/advice/tips/wisdomly chocolate chips that fire up your belly? I don’t want to ask for your ‘top inspirational tidbit of all time’ because how can we possibly quantify or rank this stuff? But one thing I love more than anything is finding out what fires people up. So if you have anything or anything to share…

If you’re in the mood, spill it baby.

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