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Who’s the Queen of Justification? I am! I AM!

So I haven’t been posting much to the blog this week. This is for several reasons:

a) I don’t know.

b) I’m not too sure.


c) I’m possibly just slack.

BUT…I have written a new column – I guess posting it here in place of a week or so worth of entries is kinda like handing the teacher a tapestry when she actually asked for an 800-word essay on Mongolia, but there you have it. I’m a renegade.

Only two more sleeps and I’m officially on tour. I’m heading up with Dan Rock, the headliner, to Sunpeaks (which I’ve been told is a beyond stunning ski resort, so I’m eagerly anticipating hitting the slopes between gigs – have I mentioned my newfound addiction to snowboarding? Between that and Scrabulous I’m seriously entering the in-need-of-rehab zone) then Tim and the kidlets are driving up to join me for the last two nights in Cranbrook for a bit of a family holiday. Well, working holiday.

Then next Monday night I’m gonna be doing the Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Competition in Calgary.

And we’re madly looking for a new abode.

In other words, there’s plenty on the boil. Excuse me while I go check on the pots. Or something.

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