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Well aren’t you guys a lovely bunch!

One day, one DAY, I tell you(!) after blogging about it and somehow the “Won’t You Be My Koala” clip is at number one, ONE, I tell you(!) on FameWave.

Oh, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really are too much.

Anyway, so this isn’t just another shameless self-promoting post (who, moi?) allow me to switch to ‘self-obsessed Jenny’ and share with you my day in a nutshell:

– woke up far too early to make it to my first ever chiropractic appointment. Any scepticism I had about chiropractors disolved within minutes. I won’t go on, because what am I? A Chiropracevanglist? I think not. But…it was cool and I eagerly await being straightened up to a point where I can lift my hefty son without my legs going numb.

– made the stupid move of starting to watch a borrowed LOST DVD during the kids nap-time, then of course, couldn’t stop watching by the time they’d woken up. So, I set them up with some crayons, paper, a bowl of water and a fluffy toy (mother of the year, eat your heart out) and polished off the entire DVD. But now I just feel lazy and in suspense.

– am trying to muster up the motivation to actually do something productive with the kids this afternoon that might make me feel like a better mummy. This may be tough though, as both dinner and our overflowing laundry are beckoning…

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in domesticity! Will the action never end?

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