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Welcome to the World of Corporate Entertainment

My first corporate gig as MC tomorrow – WOOHOO!!

I have longed for this day for…well, ‘as long as I can remember’ is overkill, but for a while, t’ be sure! (Sorry, that’s a hangover from International Talk Like a Pirate Day.)

But anyway, I’m excited. And nervous. But mostly just relieved that I’ve finally cracked it. From what I’ve heard, when it comes to corporate stuff – like grants – once you’ve gotten one, it opens the door for more. I certainly hope so, anyway.

Plus I’ve also been booked to do a roving Eddie from Ab Fab at another corporate event on Melbourne Cup Day in November.

And, to top off the coolities (please help me make this a real word), we’ve somehow managed to swindle a child-free night away (our first one since the Byron trip all the way back in February) this Saturday.

Sweetie! Wish me luck!

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