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Warning: kryptic content within

Sorry for the lack of entries of late. I think I’m just a bit over myself lately.

Basically my mind has been quite preoccupied of late with some personal stuff, particularly on the topic of balancing family and this crazy industry called showbiz.

Those long-term CM readers may recall how last year I completely freaked out about not being able to manage both and decided to take a break from performing for a while, only to a week or so later receive news of being awarded a sizeable portion of cash from Brisbane City Council to go do comedy stuff in the USA. Since then, things have really started to kick off on the career front, which has been fabulous. However…the past couple of weeks I’ve pretty much come full circle and realised that while career-wise I’m in a very cool place right now, emotionally, I’m pretty much stuck in the same spot and faced with the same dilemma as I was way back then: when my family life is going well, it’s usually cos the performing stuff is in downtime, and when my career stuff is kicking buttocks, my family life suffers.

And so I find myself questioning what I thought was my core belief: that you could have it all if you only had the guts to go for it. Now I’m honestly thinking that’s a lie. You have to make choices and they’re not always ones you want to make.

It’s really made me reassess this whole Canada trip in terms of designing it so that it’s not just a wicked career opportunity for me but an even more wicked family opportunity for all of us – to have an adventure together, do stuff that will be exciting and wonderful for everybody and to allow us the breathing space to reconnect and work together as a team.

Anyway, these are just random thoughts to keep you in the loop. Perhaps I’d best put my money where my mouth is, stop blogging this minute and go pull my kids off the chandeliers. Adieu.

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