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Last night I was supposed to be on my flight to a new exciting chapter of life! Instead I was in *drumroll please* the emergency room of Ipswich Hospital.

Believe me, that is no place I would go if I didn’t really think it was necessary – and I ended up leaving without even seeing a doctor after realising some people had been already waiting almost six hours (I don’t even like hanging around a place I LIKE for six hours!) – but the point is I’m feeling worse, there’s still no sign of my passport and thus I have had to cancel, yes, CANCEL my time at Loose Moose Improv School. Oh alright ‘postpone til next year’ but that just doesn’t sound as heartbreaking as this news has made me feel. Seriously, I haven’t cried this much since watching Love Story in high school. What a loser.

But thanks guys for the messages of encouragement. I’ve laughed a lot at your prospective memoir titles!!! Sorry I haven’t been commenting, but we’ve only just arrived at my in-laws – my mother-in-law is spoiling me with smoothies, sympathy and even booking me a proper doctor’s appointment, and thus am just trying to ride the wave, get better and embrace our new plans as they come into being.


*Note: the above exclamation may have been one of hope, or merely a nose blow.

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