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Viva Las Vegas and search engine thingies

The King lives!!! Wow, all I’ve seen of Vegas thus far is their online range of wacky hotels on offer and already my mind is reeling with the crazed sensations of a city gone mad. Seriously, sussing out my potential abode during my four-days there has seen me encounter hotels with their own 360 degree-view restaurants, 24-hour-a-day buffets and wait for it…roller-coasters in the lobby!

I was incredibly tempted by the latter, just so I could say that I’d been there, done that, but in the end I favoured the much more sensible criteria of location: right down the street from where I’ll be training. How responsible. Anyone’d think I was a mum or something.

Still, it’s pretty damn nice methinks…mind you, these days anywhere I can sleep with ZERO chance of being woken up by a demanding child rates five stars in my book. Check it out.

In completely unrelated and quite time-wasting blather, I just worked out how to view the most popular google searches that people have used to find my blog. These were some of my favourites:

“happy graduation card for my mummy” Awww….. “selfish woman” Ouch….. “labour lyrics” Honey, if you’re singing in labour, then newsflash: you’re not in labour…. “ella’s huge tantrum” My daughter’s on the Internet!!! (I hope I’ll always say that with nothing other than pride). “wacky family blog” Damn, I think they’re onto us… “tim minchin mobile number” There’s only one thing I love more than optimism and that’s naieve optimism. (And no Leon, I still can’t spell ‘naieve’)

“Mummy I need to go pee” Mummy doesn’t need to know that. Just GO!

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