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Vagueness, more comedy tours and a cliffhanger

I’ve been feeling a bit up and down of late, not to sound too mysterious but I’ve been waiting on some rather important news and as it turns out: Shock! Horror! I’m incredibly impatient. So much so that in the interim I’ve taken to sliding into a little rut of demotivation, putting my life on hold and hoeing into a brownie-baking spree until the news is uncovered, decisions can be made and I can re-enter the world at a fiery pace. Or at least, some pace that is not ‘standing still’.

Yes, yes, very vague I know. I’ll get there.

There are many good things happening which amazingly, are good for both comedy and family. Woo-bloody-hoo! For

So yes, all is well – hopefully shall have some news soon. And then, at the risk of sounding like a Lost promo, all will be revealed…

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