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Update from Woodford Folk Festival

There’s nothing like paying $5 for a 15 minute internet session – and to not even be able to send the one urgent e-mail you forked out the bucks for due to an excruciatingly slow net connection – to make you get to the point.

Ergo, a summary of Woodford thus far:

– it is cold.

– it is wet.

– it is muddy.

– we packed for neither.

– we have brought the kids up to the Sunny Coast for the day, in an effort to dry out and entertain them in an unlikely-to-catch-a-cold capacity before dropping them off for a few days at Tim’s brother and his wife’s place.

– Woodford is otherwise rocking – had my first gig last night which was good but not amazing. I think I was a little nervous and also a bit out of it, seeing as I put my back out yesterday. I even went to a Reiki dude who cracked my back so much I was half expecting a big nut to pop out (it didn’t: phew) and dosed up on Nurofen but anyway…the point is, it still went well, though I was a little stunned by the size of the crowd and not being able to see a single one of them. Totally different acoustics, totally different laughter… I think I was a little spun out to fully enjoy it, but now I’ve gotten over the shock of the first one, I’m sure it’s gonna all be more fun from here on!

Stay tuned, hippies!

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