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Two beautiful things…

Yesterday I was called forth to the cavern otherwise known as the post-office, to collect a package. What nugget of post-Christmas goodness could this be? I thought. Turns out it was a little spirit-lifting love pack from none other than my Shanghai-ian blogging buddy Lou, complete with a gorgeous scarf, a pair of awesomely cheesy and gloriously culturally inappropriate slippers (I will take some photos as soon as I can get off my frozen buttocks and recharge my camera batteries) and a pair of colourful puppet mittens to talk to myself with whenever I’m feeling down (note to Lou, I think Britney could use a pair of these pronto).

Awesomeness. Lou, you are a certifiable glow-stick of the human variety. You can quote me on that too.

Secondly, Johnny Depp is the cover candy on this month’s Rolling Stone apparently:

One part of me is all ‘Johnny, you’re so talented, you don’t need to slut yourself up to sell magazines!’

The other part of me is just ‘THANK YOU GOD.’

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