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Tripod, Jonathan Atherton and Mango Lick

I’ve got sooooo much to blog about, I’ve just gotta get it all out of my head and onto the cyber-page now to make room for other stuff. So in my grand tradition, this is my:

Top 7 Notable Moments of the Week 1. Having one of those “I wish I could bottle this” moments when the fabulous Tripod kicked off an interview on our radio show by singing their version of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android. I knew they were funny, but now realise I had COMPLETELY underestimated their musical prowess. Wow. Seriously, sitting in that studio – just Alex, me and the Tripod dudes singing this incredible rendition of one of my all-time favourite songs…well, it blew my head off. (Seriously, they’re still scrubbing the walls as I type.) And they’re nice blokes too. At the risk of sounding like a tosser…what a privileged life I lead.

2. Interviewing Judith Lucy (albeit by phone) earlier on the same show. While it is so so cool to be getting some rocking comedians on the show, it’s still doing nothing to ease my star-struckedness. I’ve really gotta do some work on the whole ‘aloof’ thing. Somebody should write a ‘how to’ e-book: there’s gotta be a billion dollars right there.

3. Supporting Judith Lucy at the Powerhouse – while this hasn’t actually happened yet (the gig is on tonight), something tells me it’ll rate a mention. Just call me John Edward.

4. Laughing so hard that my intestines began to digest themselves at the Py-Hi gig last night – thanks to Jonathan Atherton. The thing is, the more comedy you see, the less you laugh. But then every now and again a comic somehow breaks through the ‘jaded Jenny’ barrier and makes me rattle and hum. (I can’t tell you how disconcerting that is to the people sitting next to me). The even cooler part was seeing how much of his material was stories drawn from his experiences in comedy abroad, not the least of which was in…da da da da…New York! Do you even need me to tell you that this has made me chomping so madly at the bit, that the bit is not only bitten, it’s virtually torn. No, you don’t. So I won’t. Next.

5. Having my dear friend Mango Lick urge me to write more blog entries.

“Really?” I said. “You have no idea how much I hold myself back from writing them just cos I don’t want to be too self-obsessed and pathetic!”

“No!” she said. “I want more! Write away! If you blogged five times a day, I’d be happy.”

Then again, she was a little drunk.

6. Realising how much I’m going to miss my family on this trip away. Three and a half weeks is the longest I’ve been away from my kids by…well, three and a half weeks. AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

7. Chatting to an audience member after last night’s gig and having her tell me ‘It’s just that most women comedians are all ‘I don’t want kids, me and motherhood, no way,’ so it’s really refreshing to see a mum who’s doing it and rocking out.’ Then, after me moaning about whether to have another baby or not, she beamed ‘I reckon it would be WICKED to watch someone doing comedy with a huge preggy belly!’

Hmmmmm…..if that means the baby would be henceforth tax-deductable, then let us end this conversation here and now and commence pro-creation immediately.

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